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You should have LiiSten...


LiiSten (...)
to the Song here in ma heart <3
a melody I start - but Caan't complete.

LiiSten !
to the Sound from deep withiin, it's Only beginniin'
to find release.

oOh, the Time has come for my Dreams 2be heard!
They will not be puShed aside & turned!

..Into your Own!...
all 'Cause you won't

LiiSten! I'm alone at a crossroads!
I'm not at home in my Own home!
& I've tried & triied.. to say what's on my mind!

Beyonce - Listen
Don't Copy.

19.8.08 11:14

Sometimes I'ts like to be in Love & Sometimes It don't..
20.8.08 19:59


You're lost in my Mind, my Soul belongs to you..
You stole my Moment; Dreams coul be true. (?)
I just wanna Touch you again..
But there's no "You"..Only a pain/ MY pain...

Полина Гагарина - Morning
(c) ALTiiN (c)

20.8.08 20:09


Tears in Heaven
Der einzige der meine Tränen zu Gesicht bekommen wird,
wird Gott sein. und, ER... denn er ist für sie verantwortlich.

(c) ALTiN (c)

20.8.08 20:13



20.8.08 20:15


That's what I need.
no gifts. no cars. no diamonds.
(c) ALTiiN (c)

20.8.08 20:17


27.8.08 10:39

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